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I Skirt 3 Ways~ Fountain Pens And Fashion Guest Post

Today’s post is a little bit different from usual. Laura from Fountain Pens And Fashion has written a post that I’m posting on my blog and I have written a post that is going up on her blog, so make sure you go and check that out after reading this. Laura and I have very similar writing styles so if you enjoy mine I’m sure you will love her blog too.

Take it away Laura!

Three days ago, I set myself a challenge.

I had decided to try something that I have seen others challenge themselves to do. I was going to try and wear the same skirt three different ways. It sounded so easy in my head, I mean, how hard can it be to throw together three different outfits?

Challenge accepted?


The skirt I picked was a black and white checkered skater skirt, perfect for the warmer months and comfortable to wear.



Also, just a note before we start, I shot all of my pictures on Day 3 as, I didn’t have time to take the photos on Day one or two! 🙂

Day 1:

unnamed (1)


I woke up late for sixth form and went to go and put my first outfit together. Normally I try on a few outfits before I left for school, but I couldn’t do this. This made me actually appreciate what I had instead of easily discarding clothes that could have created a good look. I decided on this lightweight v neck knitwear top from Primark, I think it was about £6 but I nabbed it in the sale for £3! It wasn’t too bulky, meaning it was easy to tuck in and it didn’t sag around the waistline. I paired it with knee high white socks for a classic Britney vibe.

So far, so good.

Day 2:

unnamed (2)


This was harder than day one due to the fact I never wear something two days in a row unless it’s new! I eventually decided on a more girly look with a long sleeved green top with buttons near the top and tights. These were both from Primark ( I always go into Primark to see my old workmates!), the tights were £3 and the top was around £5. By the lunchtime of day two I was planning my look for day three; something I never do normally, which was very interesting.

Day 3:

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)


I decided to opt for a more edgy vibe on Day 3, choosing to pair my skirt with a leather jacket, knee high kitten heel boots and a plain black vest. Oh and a pout! I felt that this top worked really well and it made me confident, most probably because I had planned it the night before. The leather jacket is from F+F in Tesco’s, which cost about £30 and the plain vest top is New Look. The boots were a charity shop bargain and have featured in my blog already, they were TWO POUNDS!

Things I thought I wouldn’t learn but I have:

  • Be grateful for how much you have – it almost made me want to throw out half my clothes. Almost.
  • It made me realise how you can style a piece of clothing with a small wardrobe.
  • It made me feel confident in what I was wearing as I had put time into my outfit, rather than chucking on the first things I saw.

So, today, fellow friend, I’m setting you the challenge.

Do you wish to accept?

Laura x

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His & Hers Spring Outfit Inspiration

Recently I heard Bonobos had released their new spring/summer collection. After having a quick browse through their website I said I would love to, they had the kind of things that I would (if I had one) force my boyfriend to buy!

Obviously, as a girl, I don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge when it comes to men’s fashion but I got some photos of outfits that Bonobos had already created. I’m just going to be picking some women’s outfits that would go nicely with the male looks so if you have a willing boy you can match!

The first look is quite casual and the pastel nude tones throughout scream spring! The women’s outfit is from Misguided and, although it looks quite dressy with the stiletto heels they can easily be swapped for a pair of white or nude trainers.

I know this isn’t a whole outfit but as soon as I saw the khaki jacket I knew that the only thing you needed was a matching jacket! This one is from River Island and I think the embroidery makes it so pretty and more feminine, as well as being very in fashion for spring.

This is actually a picture of me in my denim pinafore from last summer but the denim trend has definitely followed into 2017. Double denim has always been a fashion no-no but Bonobos has really styled it well, with different shades of blue almost concealing it!

I left my favourite look till last! I am a massive fan of patterned trousers on women but I never knew men could pull it off as well! There is a huge range of really lovely trousers at Bonobos so if you know of any men looking for some direct them there! Instead of going for a pattern for the women’s I just thought I’d keep to the colour scheme of burgundy and khaki green (they don’t seem like very spring-like colours but you will be seeing a lot of them this spring/summer). This is a very smart-casual outfit, but with the right shoes and accessories could be dressed up or down for different occasions.

 Those are 4 his and hers spring outfits but here are my favourite items off the Bonobos website…

Click here to go straight to the New Arrivals page to see all the new items for spring and summer.

With all my love, from Lucy

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Silver New Balance

I’m a bit like a magpie when it comes to all things shiny and metallic so when I saw these silver trainers on the Office website I couldn’t say no!


I admit, they are a definite love or hate thing- you probably all think they’re disgusting! But I absolutely love them! I wear a lot of monochrome (I live in black jeans and white tops) so I thought something like these would make a boring outfit a bit more fun and interesting. Also, they go with everything! They aren’t just a novelty item that clashes with everything which is amazing.


I originally bought these for aesthetic purposes, I didn’t expect them to be so comfy. Because they are proper trainers (as opposed to Converse or Vans) they have a super cushioned sole that supports your foot so they don’t hurt after a while or anything.

I got mine off where they are on sale for £40 so I would get them while you can here.

Even if the silver isn’t for you, I would definitely recommend New Balance as a brand, if their other shoes are like this them they are really comfy and nice to wear. 10/10 would recommend!

With all my love, from Lucy

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The Perfect Chelsea Boots

I’ve never really been someone who wears boots- I live in trainers all year round (with the exception of my Doc Martens)

It was only when I was having a look through the shoe sales in New Look I saw these and fell in love! The fact that they had been reduced twice and only cost £14 was a bonus!


They are essentially a really simple black pair of Chelsea boots. What I love is how chunky they are- making them super hard wearing and comfortable.


I don’t know if this is just me but wearing these makes me feel so powerful, especially as I take quite long strides when I walk, and as if I’ve got my life together! If you are someone like me who wears trainers all the time, I recommend getting a pair of boots like this because it makes you feel great!

I’ve looked on New Look’s website and these exact boots aren’t on there but there are so many other ones in the sale which I would totally have a look at, New Look do amazing shoes!

With all my love, from Lucy


Floral Trousers

I never used to be very “out there” with what I wore, I’m still not most of the time, but I love coloured or patterned trousers. I have a burgundy pair and these beautiful floral ones.


They are just black with pale pink and white flowers. Not something I would usually go for,  but I love them.


They were from Primark and only cost £9! There were so many different patterns and colours so if you are looking for a pair of cool trousers that won’t break the bank, definitely look in there.


Just paired with a plain black top and Doc Martens, they make what would be a super boring outfit look like you put loads of effort into it.

With all my love, from Lucy

P.S I know I have started posting on Saturdays, and that is what I’m going to try and keep doing, but I thought I’d do this on a Friday for fun! Tomorrow there will a post as normal, 2 in 2 days- aren’t you lucky!

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Blogmas Day 22~ Classic Black Jumpsuit

Welcome to blogmas day 22

I have been looking for a simple black jumpsuit for ages, because I think that they are so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down, but all the ones that I have seen are all really low and cleavagey! But my mum and I were having a mooch around Primark and she pointed this one out which was reduced from £17 to £5 so obviously I tried it on and I fell in love!


As you can see, it is very simple, the only detail is the silver zips. I love the fact that is is so plain because with the right shoes, good makeup and fancy hair you could dress this up so much!


It has a slightly cinched in waist which is so flattering  but from the waist down it is completely shapeless which isn’t so flattering. Especially for people with bigger thighs like me, but I love it so I don’t care that much!


In the photos, I am just wearing black Doc Martens but I am planning on wearing this to a new year’s eve party so I need to find some heels. If you know of any nice ones one that are relatively comfy and not too high let me know! Me and heels don’t go so well together because I don’t have very good balance and I’m already the tallest out of all my friends so  don’t want to look like a giant in all the photos!

Look how happy I am with myself!

Songmas day 22~ Santa Stole My Girlfriend

With all my love, from Lucy

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Pinafores Aren’t Just For Toddlers

You know that outfit that is super comfy and easy to throw together but looks like you’ve actually put some effort into your outfit? Well I’ve got one here to show you.


My white shirt was from New Look but I can’t find it on their website anywhere! You can buy the denim pinafore dress from Boohoo here, it is so, so comfy. And, of course, my trusty white high top Converse.


With all my love, from Lucy