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Summery Copper Makeup Look

I always associate copper eyeshadow with autumn and winter, the whole copper eyes and berry lips thing, but I was just mucking about with my makeup and trying new looks and I came up with this and I thought it was perfect for summer.


This MUA palette is my go-to in summer for a few reasons, it is the only eyeshadow palette I own that has bright shades in and I think summer is the perfect time for experimenting with colour and because some of the eyeshadows aren’t very pigmented it gives a lovely sheen of colour because what they lack in colour they make up for in shimmer! I’m not even kidding, the simmer shadows in here are SO shimmery!


I used this lovely, rich copper shade all over the lid with a slightly lighter pinkier toned shade in the first half of my eye to brighten it up. Then in the crease, I just used this simple matte camel colour.


In the photo, they colours look more gold and less copper than in real life but it still looks very pretty!

The same as pretty much all the makeup looks I do, this is something that could be worn anywhere. Does anyone else have days you just feel like doing your makeup nicely?!


With all my love, from Lucy



12 thoughts on “Summery Copper Makeup Look

  1. Ooh these look really nice! I want to go out of my brown comfort zone in summer and though they do look quite gold like, like you said, they’re still stunning! Great post, it would mean a lot if you checked out my blog too x

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