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My Top Photography Tips

Recently a lovely lady from Aura Frames emailed me and asked me to share my best photography tips, especially when using your phone camera, with you all. An Aura Frame is a digital picture frame which shows photos from your camera roll and is controlled by an app.

I don’t class myself as a pro photographer and I never use a proper camera but we live in an age where most smartphone cameras are as good at proper cameras so that is fine! Here are my top tips:

1. When taking selfies- something I do quite frequently- always use natural lighting. I find artificial lighting can make your face a slightly different shade so all my selfies are taken in front of a window!

2. Try and find a focus point in all photos, especially landscapes.

3. Utilize the panorama feature if you have one. It allows you to take 360 degree photos of landscapes all in one, instead of having to take multiple photos of the same place.

4. If you are ever taking a photo of somebody make sure there is something nice in the background. I really like the photo of my brother and I that my dad took a few years ago because of the lovely lake in the background!

5. Get your angles right! I’m taking media studies fro GCSE and I’ve learnt all about camera angles. I took he photo of the castle/cathedral (I can’t remember) in Belgium from a low angle which makes it look a  lot bigger than it actually is!

Let me know your best photography tips. You can order an Aura Frame here.

With all my love, from Lucy


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