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Simple Cleansing Lotion Review

Recently in UK it has been so hot. Which means I have been incredibly sweaty (gross, I know) and wearing makeup probably isn’t the best thing for my skin.

As well as using my usual micellar water to take my makeup off, I have been using the Simple cleansing lotion to make sure my skin is completely rid of any dirt and remaining sweat!


I have absolutely fallen in love with this! It is quite fascinating to see how much dirt is left on your skin after using just your cleanser, especially after being all sweaty. I’ve found that this cleanses your face really nicely but doesn’t dry out your skin- quite the opposite actually, this is so lovely on your face and i find it acts as a moisturizer as well. If you have quite dry skin you might still need a moisturizer but if you have oily/combination skin like me this is great!

I would 100% recommend this if you’re looking for a new cleanser for a good price.

With all my love, from Lucy


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