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Celebrate Mum With Breakfast In Bed

Recently, I was inspired by Leesa to share my Mother’s Day essentials. I know I’m British and we celebrated Mother’s Day in March but I know I have some American followers and also, it is my mum’s birthday soon so if I’m feeling nice she might get breakfast in bed!

withallmylovefromlucy (1)

I think the best way to start Mother’s Day is breakfast in bed. Really cozy with lots of pillows and blankets, make sure your mum has a really good mattress, if your mum is looking to buy a new one tell her to check out a mattress company so your morning won’t be ruined by annoying mattress springs or bumps!

 My mum’s go-to breakfast is toast with lots of butter and a little bit of Marmite, I’m a hater of Marmite but my mum is definitely a lover. My mum is also a fan of a nice croissant, I’m not sure if you’re meant to eat croissants with honey or if that is just my mum but she loves it so we’ll let her off! I don’t think my mum could ever have breakfast without a cup of tea (how very British of her) so of course that is an essential. Is it really mother’s day if you don’t give your mum chocolates? The answer to that is no. My mum has a massive sweet tooth so if I’m ever stuck on what to buy her a box of chocolates, especially the fancy ones from Thornton’s, is a life saver!

Feel free to write a post about what you would do for your mum on Mother’s day, or any day you feel like treating your mum, I’d love to see what everybody else comes up with.

With all my love, from Lucy


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