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I Skirt 3 Ways~ Fountain Pens And Fashion Guest Post

Today’s post is a little bit different from usual. Laura from Fountain Pens And Fashion has written a post that I’m posting on my blog and I have written a post that is going up on her blog, so make sure you go and check that out after reading this. Laura and I have very similar writing styles so if you enjoy mine I’m sure you will love her blog too.

Take it away Laura!

Three days ago, I set myself a challenge.

I had decided to try something that I have seen others challenge themselves to do. I was going to try and wear the same skirt three different ways. It sounded so easy in my head, I mean, how hard can it be to throw together three different outfits?

Challenge accepted?


The skirt I picked was a black and white checkered skater skirt, perfect for the warmer months and comfortable to wear.



Also, just a note before we start, I shot all of my pictures on Day 3 as, I didn’t have time to take the photos on Day one or two! 🙂

Day 1:

unnamed (1)


I woke up late for sixth form and went to go and put my first outfit together. Normally I try on a few outfits before I left for school, but I couldn’t do this. This made me actually appreciate what I had instead of easily discarding clothes that could have created a good look. I decided on this lightweight v neck knitwear top from Primark, I think it was about £6 but I nabbed it in the sale for £3! It wasn’t too bulky, meaning it was easy to tuck in and it didn’t sag around the waistline. I paired it with knee high white socks for a classic Britney vibe.

So far, so good.

Day 2:

unnamed (2)


This was harder than day one due to the fact I never wear something two days in a row unless it’s new! I eventually decided on a more girly look with a long sleeved green top with buttons near the top and tights. These were both from Primark ( I always go into Primark to see my old workmates!), the tights were £3 and the top was around £5. By the lunchtime of day two I was planning my look for day three; something I never do normally, which was very interesting.

Day 3:

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)


I decided to opt for a more edgy vibe on Day 3, choosing to pair my skirt with a leather jacket, knee high kitten heel boots and a plain black vest. Oh and a pout! I felt that this top worked really well and it made me confident, most probably because I had planned it the night before. The leather jacket is from F+F in Tesco’s, which cost about £30 and the plain vest top is New Look. The boots were a charity shop bargain and have featured in my blog already, they were TWO POUNDS!

Things I thought I wouldn’t learn but I have:

  • Be grateful for how much you have – it almost made me want to throw out half my clothes. Almost.
  • It made me realise how you can style a piece of clothing with a small wardrobe.
  • It made me feel confident in what I was wearing as I had put time into my outfit, rather than chucking on the first things I saw.

So, today, fellow friend, I’m setting you the challenge.

Do you wish to accept?

Laura x


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