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NYX Tame & Frame Vs Benefit Ka-Brow

A few months back, in Blogmas, I did a review of Ka-Brow by Benefit which you can have a look at here. I have it because one of my friends bought it and didn’t like it so she gave it to me to try- I really liked it, I found it worked perfectly for me. But the time has come for it to dry up and start running out and I didn’t fancy spending £20 so I bought Tame & Frame by NYX for £6!

I’ve tried both so I thought I would do a little comparison for you.

Starting with the packaging, I much prefer the NYX one. Compared to the almost tacky, over the top Benefit packaging the NYX one looks quite classy and simplistic- which I like. But Ka-Brow does come with a little brush which gives them bonus points.

Both formulas are incredible similar and the two shades (Espresso from NYX and 04 from Benefit) are pretty much exactly the same. Both come in a good range of shades, although Benefit has one more shade.

The one main difference in these two products is the price. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two if it wasn’t for the packaging, the formals are that similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually the exact same. Scandalous!

I don’t really see the point in paying £20 for something if you can get the same stuff for only £6 so if you are looking into buying the Ka-Brow because you’ve heard it is good (which it is but Tame & Frame is just as good) go to your nearest NYX counter!

With all my love, from Lucy


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