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Lacura Beauty Magic Curl Mascara

A few months ago I wrote this post about the Lacura Beauty concealer pen which is sold in Aldi. As I was doing a food shop with my mum I saw that they did 2 mascaras. I desperately need a new mascara and I love the concealer so I thought I’d try it out. Even if it’s not brilliant it was only £2.50!

As well as the Magic Curl mascara they had a volumizing one. I went for the curl because I’m not the biggest fan of lots of volume on my lashes, I’d much rather have length and curl.


I don’t like the packaging at all, I think it looks really cheap and a bit tacky. I’m quite surprised as the concealer from Lacura comes in a really sleek black tube that looks really fancy. I do love the wand of this though, it is slightly curved which I find helps get all of your eye lashes and I assume it helps curl as well.


Although it is a little clumpy I think it works wonders on length! I would totally recommend this if you are looking for a mascara on a budget because this is worth way more than £2.50! If the volumizing mascara is anything like this one I would recommend that for people who like a bit more volume.

I will definitely be trying more products from Lacura Beauty, let me know if you have and if they live up to my raves!

With all my love, from Lucy


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