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His & Hers Spring Outfit Inspiration

Recently I heard Bonobos had released their new spring/summer collection. After having a quick browse through their website I said I would love to, they had the kind of things that I would (if I had one) force my boyfriend to buy!

Obviously, as a girl, I don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge when it comes to men’s fashion but I got some photos of outfits that Bonobos had already created. I’m just going to be picking some women’s outfits that would go nicely with the male looks so if you have a willing boy you can match!

The first look is quite casual and the pastel nude tones throughout scream spring! The women’s outfit is from Misguided and, although it looks quite dressy with the stiletto heels they can easily be swapped for a pair of white or nude trainers.

I know this isn’t a whole outfit but as soon as I saw the khaki jacket I knew that the only thing you needed was a matching jacket! This one is from River Island and I think the embroidery makes it so pretty and more feminine, as well as being very in fashion for spring.

This is actually a picture of me in my denim pinafore from last summer but the denim trend has definitely followed into 2017. Double denim has always been a fashion no-no but Bonobos has really styled it well, with different shades of blue almost concealing it!

I left my favourite look till last! I am a massive fan of patterned trousers on women but I never knew men could pull it off as well! There is a huge range of really lovely trousers at Bonobos so if you know of any men looking for some direct them there! Instead of going for a pattern for the women’s I just thought I’d keep to the colour scheme of burgundy and khaki green (they don’t seem like very spring-like colours but you will be seeing a lot of them this spring/summer). This is a very smart-casual outfit, but with the right shoes and accessories could be dressed up or down for different occasions.

 Those are 4 his and hers spring outfits but here are my favourite items off the Bonobos website…

Click here to go straight to the New Arrivals page to see all the new items for spring and summer.

With all my love, from Lucy


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