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MAC Amber Times 9 Palette

For my birthday a few weeks ago, my friends very kindly gave me this Mac palette.


It is a very me palette! If you have read any of my eye makeup look posts then you will know these shades are pretty much all I wear; pinks and peaches and golds and browns. All of which are included in this.

Top row: Cozy Grey, Kitties, Georgia Peach    Middle row: Ricepaper, Creative Copper, Cork    Bottom row: Don’t Tell, Aromatic, Pepper Please

This palette has a mixture of shimmers and mattes, making it amazing for travel or if you just can’t be bothered to get any more than 1 palette out!


Cozy Grey is a really nice base colour, brilliant if you just want something to put under shimmery shades. Kitties is probably my favourite shade out of the whole thing, it makes such a nice simple look. Perfect for those days when I want to wear eye shadow but I don’t want to put a lot of effort into it. Georgia Peach goes super well with Kitties, because it is matte it looks really good blended out into the crease to give a really pretty peach look.


Ricepaper is the only shade in this palette that is a bit of a let down, you can barely see it! The pigmentation is pretty awful which is such a shame because it looks really nice in the pan. Creative  Copper is another one I love, it is a really nice tone of gold, not too yellow and not too copper (if you are a fellow gold eyeshadow lover you will know what I mean). Cork is just one of those brown shades you always find yourself reaching for, it goes with everything, it is just a perfect crease colour!


Don’t Tell is really nice, although it is another one that doesn’t have great pigmentation, it looks really nice with Aromatic to make a brown, slightly smoky eye. there isn’t an awful lot to say about Aromatic- it is a great crease colour if you want something slightly darker than Cork. I haven’t used Pepper Please purely because I’m too scared to use eyeshadow that dark! But it looks amazing and I hope I build the courage up soon to have a go!

Overall, I love this palette! I’ve never tried any Mac eyeshadows before so I wasn’t sure what to expect from them but I would recommend them (minus a couple that aren’t very pigmented).

Thankyou to my best friends, Chap, Liz and Gaunty, for buying me this. I love it very much!

With all my love, from Lucy


One thought on “MAC Amber Times 9 Palette

  1. Please can post more blogs about your life and I like it when you do tags. The makeup ones I find more boring but if your fanbase like them then you should stick with them.


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