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Garnier Simply Essentials Makeup Remover Review

The only thing I’ve ever used to take off my makeup (except wipes) is Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Trust me it works!

But I fancied a change so I picked this up a few weeks ago based entirely on the affordable price, I think it costs about £3.


It is an oil and a water that you have to mix together by shaking it. It says “No Rubbing” and I’ve seen the advert when it just swipes straight off- that is definitely an overstatement. It does work and you only have to put a small amount on the cotton pad but you will obviously have to rub a bit! I don’t know if the statement about removing waterproof makeup is true because I don’t wear waterproof makeup but I feel as if this would work with waterproof mascara.


It works well with both eye and face makeup and doesn’t dry my skin out. It does leave my face feeling really oily (I’m talking as if I just smothered my face in olive oil) for about an hour afterwards which isn’t very pleasant but it does pass and my face feels quite nice and refreshed once the oily-ness has gone!

Overall, I do like this product and would probably repurchase. It works well and doesn’t break the bank in the slightest!

With all my love, from Lucy


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