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The Perfect Chelsea Boots

I’ve never really been someone who wears boots- I live in trainers all year round (with the exception of my Doc Martens)

It was only when I was having a look through the shoe sales in New Look I saw these and fell in love! The fact that they had been reduced twice and only cost £14 was a bonus!


They are essentially a really simple black pair of Chelsea boots. What I love is how chunky they are- making them super hard wearing and comfortable.


I don’t know if this is just me but wearing these makes me feel so powerful, especially as I take quite long strides when I walk, and as if I’ve got my life together! If you are someone like me who wears trainers all the time, I recommend getting a pair of boots like this because it makes you feel great!

I’ve looked on New Look’s website and these exact boots aren’t on there but there are so many other ones in the sale which I would totally have a look at, New Look do amazing shoes!

With all my love, from Lucy


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