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Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration 2017

Last year I wrote this Valentine’s day makeup post post and, at the time, it was my most like post so I thought I would do a 2017 version for you. (The camera quality was awful so please look past that because the makeup is quite nice!)

I know my last post was a makeup look but this is the last Saturday before Valentine’s day so we’re just going to have to deal with it!

Like last year, I didn’t want to do a really bright glittery pink makeup look because that is what is what you’d expect and I like to be different!


As you can see, it is still pink and very shimmery but it is very subtly pink so it doesn’t scream Valentine’s day at you!


It is quite natural so if you have a super romantic boyfriend/girlfriend/person that loves you that takes you on cute daytime dates on picnics or something this would be perfect! (Can you tell I want somebody to take me on a cute daytime date?!)


I used this shimmery rose gold shade from the W7 In The Nude palette all over my lid.


From my Naked palette, I used a mixture of Toasted and Hustle in the outer corner/crease and Sin in my inner corner.

This eyemakeup would look so good with the NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken (you can read my review of it here)

Even if you don’t have a Valentine (join the club) this makeup would look amazing anytime!

With all my love, and extra, from Lucy

The extra is for Valentine’s day!


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