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Lacura Beauty Concealer Pen

If I told you I found an amazing concealer in Aldi, you would laugh in my face.

But it’s true!

Ages ago one of my friends told me about this concealer pen she found in Aldi and how good it is. I thought it was ridiculous but for only £1.50 I wanted to try it for myself.


To get the product out you click the bottom and it comes up through the little brush. I think the tiny brush is amazing! It gives just enough concealer and means you can spread it around under your eyes and just have to pat it in a little bit with your fingers.


If you saw the packaging, you would never think it was so cheap and from somewhere like Aldi! It looks so sleek and fancy and it doesn’t get that dirty in your makeup bag because any of the concealer that gets on it can just be wiped straight off.

I would definitely recommend picking this up. The don’t always have this in stock and when I got this I think there was only two shades which is a bit rubbish. But if you find a shade that would suit you, buy it!

With all my love, from Lucy


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