Floral Trousers

I never used to be very “out there” with what I wore, I’m still not most of the time, but I love coloured or patterned trousers. I have a burgundy pair and these beautiful floral ones.


They are just black with pale pink and white flowers. Not something I would usually go for,  but I love them.


They were from Primark and only cost £9! There were so many different patterns and colours so if you are looking for a pair of cool trousers that won’t break the bank, definitely look in there.


Just paired with a plain black top and Doc Martens, they make what would be a super boring outfit look like you put loads of effort into it.

With all my love, from Lucy

P.S I know I have started posting on Saturdays, and that is what I’m going to try and keep doing, but I thought I’d do this on a Friday for fun! Tomorrow there will a post as normal, 2 in 2 days- aren’t you lucky!


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