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Blogmas Day 21~ NYX Liquid Suede Soft Spoken Review

Welcome to blogmas day 21!

I know I did a review of a NYX lipstick yesterday but I got another one for Christmas so I thought I’d do another post!


I’ve wanted a NYX liquid lipstick for ages but I’ve always been a bit scared of how hard they are to apply. I’m not delicate at all so I was expecting to be awful at putting it on but surprisingly it is so easy! The formula is quite thin so it isn’t sticky and glides on really nicely. As soon as it dries I could tell that it was incredibly matte and would stay on your lips no matter what!


The colour is a red toned brown, similar to Whirl by Mac but more brown. When it is wet it looks more pink tones but as it dries it turns more brown. Brown like this, I feel as if you could wear anywhere with anything. I think you could really dress it up with dramatic eye makeup but is neutral enough to wear everyday.


The reason it is so easy to apply is that the applicator is small enough to get in the corners of your mouth without ending up looking like a clown! I was thinking that the applicator would be massive and just get everywhere so if that is what you are scared of, don’t worry!

In comparison to the lipstick I talked about yesterday (read here) I prefer the formula of this one as it feels much more matte and long-lasting. The colours are a bit similar but Honeymoon has purple undertones and this is way more red. It really depends on your personal preference and skin tone; I think if you are more pale Honeymoon would be a better colour whereas tanned people would suit Soft Spoken.

Songmas day 21~ Yule Shoot Your Eye Out if it’s not punny, it’s not funny!

With all my love from Lucy


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