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Blogmas Day 18~ 5 Reasons Why You Should Cut Your Hair

Welcome to blogmas day 18!

On Friday I cut my hair. Not really short, about an inch or two below my shoulder, and I love it. I know there are loads of reasons why you should have a chop so I thought I’d think of some for you now.

1. Gets rid of all split ends, if you have been growing your hair for a while you will have loads! I definitely did and now my hair feels so much nicer.

2. If you have thick hair, it gets really heavy when it is long. If it’s short, it feels so much lighter. Which leads me on to my next point…

3. It doesn’t get greasy as fast because it isn’t really heavy on your scalp.

4. Short hair looks more sophisticated!

5. If you can’t go for a new style at Christmas, when can you?!

Don’t be scared to try a new hair cut! If you cut it about shoulder length, you can still do different things with it so don’t worry about that!

Songmas day 18~ Wonderful Christmastime

With all my love, from Lucy


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