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Blogmas Day 16~ Instagram Best Nine

Welcome to blogmas day 16!

I’ve been seeing this “best nine” thing everywhere. It is your nine most liked Instagram pictures of the year and I thought I’d show you mine and give a bit of backstory!

Top Row

The first photo is a selfie because I am incredibly vain, while taking this selfie I took 14 others that all look pretty much the same! These are actually my dad’s glasses because his are nicer than mine. The next one is my most recent photo, it was taken ages ago but my friend’s birthday was on Monday so I posted it for her. Next is a group photo that my friend’s mum took for us. Look how tiny the girl second from the right looks!

Middle Row

Another photo of me and my friend, this was taken on the same day as the group photo. Another photo of me and my friend, it makes me laugh because I’m really posing for it and she looks like a right mug. Next is another selfie because I am vain as hell. I think I’ve actually deleted it.

Bottom Row

This is a picture of me and my brother in Liverpool. I don’t actually like football at all but my brother and my dad are big Everton fans, hence the hat. Another selfie, of course. I think I’ve deleted this one as well. The last one was taken at a service station car park because my dad said it looked like the Abbey Road album cover so he took a photo for me!

I’ll probably post before the end of the year but who cares!

Songmas day 16~ Christmas In The Air (Tonight)

With all my love from Lucy

Cheeky plug: if you want to follow me on Instagram it is lucyxniblock


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