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Blogmas Day 15~ My Un-Ready Products!

Welcome to blogmas day 15, only 10 days till Christmas!

Instead of doing a post on what I use to get ready, I thought I’d do one on the products I use to get un-ready!


I wash my hair every other day and when I do, I always use the Herbal Essences For Shine shampoo and conditioner. It says it is citrus scented but I don’t really think it has a smell!


I use Johnson’s Baby Lotion as makeup remover! You may think that it sounds ridiculous, but it does work, I promise! Because it is meant for babies and is a really light formula, it is great for people with sensitive skin.


After that, I use the Eloquence cleanser and toner. I wrote a blog post about a collection of Eloquence products so if you want to read that, click here.

Songmas day 15~ This Winter, after Christmas I highly suggest you listen to other songs by The Workday Release! My favourite album is Simple Distance!

With all my love, from Lucy


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