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Blogmas Day 12~ My Christmas Tree!

Welcome to blogmas day 12!

I am incredibly nosy, meaning that I love finding out what people’s Christmas trees look like- I think it gives an insight into their personality! So I thought I’d show you mine for all the nosy people reading.

I know a lot of people love real Christmas trees but I think part of the fun of decorating the tree is putting it together!

Our tree doesn’t have a specific colour theme, it is just traditional Christmas colours. Red and green and gold and silver etc.


As you can see we don’t put tinsel on our tree, I think tinsel makes it look too cluttered. We do put it around the house though, you can see it on our TV!


We are also team star not team angel!


There is a fair bit of glitter on our tree but if not at Christmas when can you over use glitter?!


As well as the main tree in the living room , we have a tiny tree that is too small to put proper baubles on so we put these lights on it. They are from Aldi and were about £2 which is amazing!


Look how pretty they are!

Songmas day 12~ Fool’s Holiday (this song is dedicated to one of my best friends Gaunty because it is her birthday today and she is a big All Time Low fan, so happy birthday Gaunty love you!)

With all my love, from Lucy


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