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Blogmas Day 10~ 5 Ways To Get In The Christmas Spirit

Welcome to blogmas day 10!

We’re getting closer to Christmas now and I thought I’d help some of you out that aren’t very festive yet!

This post has been inspired by this post so if you still aren’t feeling Christmassy after reading this go and look at that one!

1. Whack up the Christmas decs! Even if its just a bit of tinsel on some shelves, it makes so much difference!

2. Get the Christmas music out! If you are stuck on what to play just read till the end on each blogmas post where I tell you one of my favourites.

3. Watch some festive films (oooh alliteration, get me) I suggest Elf if you really want to feel Christmassy!

4. Go Christmas Shopping! Even if you do all your gift buying online, go for the festive mood! Most towns and cities have really nice Christmas lights which also help!

5. If you aren’t a big fan of Christmas films, watch the Christmas episodes of your favourite TV show. Which reminds me, I need to watch the Glee ones!

Hopefully after doing these things, you are feeling super Christmassy!

Songmas day 10~ Step Into Christmas

With all my love, from Lucy


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