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Blogmas Day 8~ Benefit Ka-Brow Review

Welcome to blogmas day 8!

A couple of days ago I did a makeup look using this and (I think) I promised you a review. So here it is!

I never used to fill my eyebrows in, if you look back on some old blog posts you can see my that my natural eyebrows are really dark, but my friend bought this and didn’t like it so she gave it to me to save it from going to waste!


I absolutely love the packaging, it comes in a really cute little pot. It does come with a tiny, angled brush that goes in the top of the lid but my friend lost it, thanks Chapman!


The actual product is said to be a cream-gel, personally I don’t think it is a gel as such, but it is definitely a cream product.

One reason why I love it is because if you make a mistake (which I do very often) you can easily wipe it away before it dries! It’s amazing and doesn’t leave any smudges, so if you are not a brow wizz then here you go!

If want to know what lipstick I’m wearing its Whirl by Mac mixed with a bit of Vaseline

If you were wondering how I usually do my brows, here is a photo from a relevantly good brow day! I prefer to do my brows more natural than some people do and I find it really easy to do that with Ka-Brow.

If you want to buy Benefit Ka-Brow click here, it is pretty pricey at £18.50 but if you don’t mind spending out, I say go for it!

Songmas day 8~ Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass

With all my love, from Lucy


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