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Blogmas Day 7~ My Christmas Wishlist

Welcome to blogmas day 7! We have done a week already!

One of my favourite things at Christmas is to find out what people want/ are getting so if there is anyone else like me, this one is for you!

(I will not be getting every single thing off this list, it is just a list of things that I would like!)

1. Topshop mom jeans! My friend has a pair and they just look so stylish with anything. (To be fair she makes anything look good)

2. Urban Decay naked palette, I have a brilliant dupe for the naked 3 but I want to try the real thing. I prefer the original one’s colours more than number 2 as well!

3. The Morphe 35W palette. Everybody raves about Morphe palettes and I want to be in on the fun! I’m also  trying to build up my palette collection.

4. Black Adidas Gazelles, these just look cool. Not much more to say really!

5. Real Techniques eye brush set, I really need some decent eye shadow brushes and Real Techniques do amazing brushes

6. Mineralized Skin finish, I am a big fan of highlighter and this is like the queen of all highlighters! My favourite shade is warm rose.

Songmas day 7~ Santa Tell Me

With all my love, from Lucy


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