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Blogmas Day 6~Taupe Eyes And Rose Tinted Lips

Welcome to blogmas day 6!

Some of you may know that I am a fan of gold eyeshadow! If I’m going for browns it will be warm gold tones, I never really go for cooler, taupe shades. But, guess what I’ve got for you today!


Like the majority of my eyeshadow looks, it is very simple, only consisting of two shades! A taupe shade and a brown! I went for shimmery shades because I love anything shimmery, I’m like a magpie.


I paired the eyeshadow with a shimmery gold highlighter and benetint by Benefit.


I absolutely adore this highlighter! I’m pretty sure I’ve raved about this before so I won’t go on but it is from MUA and it was really cheap but it is so nice! It gives a perfect middle between a natural highlight and a shimmery one! It doesn’t come up as good on camera which is so annoying as it is so beautiful in real life!


I never used to fill my eyebrows because they are pretty dark but when one of my best friends gave me this (she didn’t like it for herself) I tried. Doing eyebrows definitely takes practice and I haven’t quite mastered it yet but I haven’t found it too tricky. I won’t go ino loads of detail because I think I will do a reveiw of it in a few days.


This is something in my (small) makeup collection that I don’t reach for very often. I have no idea why as it gives such a nice colour tint on your lips, I think it goes so nicely with the eyes!


Songmas day 6~One More Sleep

With all my love from Lucy


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