Blogmas 2016

Blogmas Day 5~ Gift List For Him

Welcome to blogmas day 5!

Yesterday I did a for her gift list so today it is a for him version. I find buying presents for men so much harder than buying for girls so we’ll see how this goes!

 52 things to do while you poo book, honestly if the boys in you house are the same as in my house then they could do with this book! Priced at £6.95.

Boom box touch speaker, I don’t know if I should be encouraging people like my dad to play his awful music any louder but this speaker looks so cool and it is only £19.95.

Table bowling, this looks so cool! You don’t even need to buy it for someone else, just get it for yourself, only £9.99.

Premium manicure set, perfect for men that have to have a manly set to be able to groom themselves! This costs £20.

Tan and gold leather look watch, this watch looks so, so nice and it only costs £28.

Leather wallet and keying set, this set looks so suave and sophisticated! And is only £24.99.

Jack Wills body spray trio, everybody likes to smell nice! £15 for set of 3.

Nandos fiery trio rack, great for people who want the Nandos experience in their own home, £12.50 for rack of 3.

Jamie Oliver cocktail kit, great for new year’s eve cocktail parties, only £12.

I’m sorry I didn’t manage to do as many as I did on the for her post! I told you I’m not very good at gifts!

Songmas day 5~ Mistletoe

With all my love, from Lucy


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