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Blogmas Day 3~ Under £5 Gift List

Welcome to blogmas day 3!

I am awful at buying presents for most people and I always look at so many gift lists, hoping to get some kind of idea! I thought I would do an under £5 one for stocking fillers and then tomorrow I will probably do one for bigger more expensive presents.

For Her:

Ted Baker mini body spray, there are 3 different scents for only £3.50 each.

Sleek mini Matte Me collection, technically not under £5 because they are £5 but you get 4 different mini liquid lipsticks with is perfect for makeup lovers so they can get a little taste for a few shades!

Flutter bath fizzer, not an awful lot to say about this one. It’s a bath bomb. It’s pink. It’s only £2.50!

Leafy & Lovely hand lotion, hand lotion is a must in winter and when it comes in adorable orange packaging why not? This costs £3.

Green And Black’s gift pack, if you have somebody to buy for that isn’t a beauty lover, chocolate is always the best way to go. This 90g pack is £3.

Spaa floating candles, everybody loves nice smelling candles, especially when they float in the bath! This set costs £4

Sassy emoji mug, we all want to feel sassy while drinking our morning coffee! This mug is £4

Flutter soap flowers, these soaps look beautiful and probably smell just as good as they look, only £4 for a set.

Mermaid coin purse, this is adorable and costs £5. Not much more to be said!

Unicorn jewellery tray, this is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. Who doesn’t want an iridescent white unicorn to display their jewellery on? And it’s only £4.99.

Silver iridescent earring pack, super sparkly earrings that would perfect for new year’s eve parties. £4.99 for pack of 6.

For Him:

Pub quiz, over 250 questions in a tiny pack for only £4!

Key chain tool kit, incredibly! Perfect for when men like to feel useful! This costs £5.

Captain America soap on a rope, for all those Marvel fans, only £3.

Puzzle Planet alien, a tiny hand held puzzle, this costs £5.

Carbon aftershave balm, Carbon have a range of loads of different male grooming products for really cheap, this is only £3.99.

Carbon hand and body cream, this is another Carbon product. Hand and bod cream for just £3.99.

Fart extinguisher, I know a lot of people that could use this, I’m sure you all do as well. And it only costs £4 to help them out!

I hope that helped some of you fellow bad gift buyers!

Songmas day 3~Last Christmas

With all my love, from Lucy

Just a little disclaimer, although I sectioned these into his and hers, that is not to say that you have to be a certain gender to use certain products! It is just easier to categorise them.


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