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Easy Halloween Makeup

I love Halloween. That’s a lie, I don’t love Halloween. I have never been trick or treating, I don’t like scary movies and I jump very easily. I just love dressing up and the only time that is acceptable as a teenager is Halloween!

I thought I’d show you a super quick dark makeup look, one that can be paired with an all black outfit and back combed hair for people that don’t love dressing up as much as me!


For a doing more crazy looks like this, a palette like the one I mentioned in this blog post is so handy!


To start, I just covered my eyelid in black eyeshadow as a base, then went in over the top of that with a beautiful midnight blue, purple, sparkly shadow. This is what really brings the whole thing together and makes it more exciting! In the crease I used a matte purple, it is completely up to you how much you add of this and how far you blend it out. To finish I dusted a little bit of really glittery silver for added sparkle!


You could go for a really dark, vampy lip to match the eyes, but I did a classic concealer lip to make the focus on the eyes.


Tip: don’t do this face on Halloween if you are trying to look intimidating!

With all my love, from Lucy


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