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Me And My Friends’ OOTD

Do you ever have a really chilled evening with your friends but decide to plan your outfits well and dress nicely?! Well my friends and I did that yesterday and I thought I’d talk you through our outfits!


(From left to right)

My outfit was blue dungarees from Topshop (they don’t sell them anymore so sorry if you wanted these ones!) and a khaki long sleeved top. I think khaki green is such a good colour because it looks good with loads of colours and works with loads of different skin tones as well. My shoes are just white high top converse (a bit boring but a staple piece!)

My friend Lucy had the sort of outfit that looks like you haven’t planned at all but looks really good, if you get what I mean! She was wearing a long, baggy, cream cardigan from Primark, a basic navy top and these shorts from Topshop. Paired with a messy ponytail- obviously!

My other friend Lucy (yes, 2 of my best friends are called Lucy and my name is Lucy) had this amazing playsuit from Misguided on but because it was quite low cut and looked quite dressy, she put a long sleeved white top underneath which looks so cool! I also liked it because the shorts are very flowy it looks like a dress, so if you aren’t a fan of dresses but still want to look a bit fancy this is amazing! Her yellow converse are a lot cooler than mine as well!

Elizabeth is the stylish one in our group and she definitely still holds her title! Her outfit is so simple but looks fantastic! It’s just a plain pink top, these girlfriend shorts from Topshop and blue and black Old Skool Vans. Toped off with an ice cream patch on her top, a chunky belt and mustard yellow socks! Elizabeth is my artsy friend!


Here is an action shot of Elizabeth and one of the Lucys. Look how cool her playsuit looks!

With all my love, from Lucy

Also if you were wondering, all the Lucys get called by their surname to avoid confusion!


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