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Fun Festival Makeup Idea

After watching Gabbie’s latest video I wanted to do my own festival makeup idea!

If you haven’t seen her video yet go and watch it!

I’m actually going to a festival at the end of July, it’s no Glastonbury but I’m excited anyway, and I’m definitely planning on doing some fun makeup looks while I’m there!


The overall look is a light blue eyeshadow under the eye and a pink metallicy lip. Oh, and a tonne of highlight!


The eyes are so simple. It is literally just a pale blue shimmery blue eyeshadow swept all the way under the eye. Top it off with a bit of mascara and you’re done.


I absolutely love the lip in this look. A pale pink lipstick with some powder highlighter patted on top. In some lights it just looks pink but then when the sun hits it at the right angle it looks amazing and shimmery!


This picture doesn’t do the highlighter justice, I put a load of the same highlighter I used with the lipstick and put it all over my cheek and cheekbone! I love highlighter in summer because it looks amazing in the sunlight!


The highlighter I used was Undress Your Skin in Iridescent Gold by MUA, the lipstick was Petal from Topshop and I used the blue eyeshadow from my MUA palette. It is the 5th one in from the left!

I hope you liked this makeup idea and I hope you have fun at any festivals you’re going to or just your summer!

With all my love, from Lucy


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