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My 5 Makeup Necessities

I’d like to start with saying sorry for not blogging in a while! I’ve been super uninspired and had nothing that I wanted to write about. Hopefully I’ll get back on track now and blog a lot more!

I thought I’d show you the 5 makeup items I use daily, you’ll rarely see me outside without these on my face!


The first product is this concealer by the skincare brand Witch. I’ve found some stick concealers to be hard to blend in but this one is absolutely fine, it also doesn’t look cakey. Because it is made by a skincare brand it does has stuff in it that can help spots which is amazing!


Next is the Dream Matte Mousse foundation by Maybelline. I know spoke about this in my last blog post but this foundation feels like you have nothing on your face which I love and the coverage is medium but definitely buildable.


I can’t contour without my face looking muddy and weird so I tend to stear towards highlighter a lot more. I really like the Speedy Highlighter by Collection. It is a stick highlighter and it is so easy to use, you just swipe it on your cheekbone and blend in a bit with your finger! It is also really buildable so you can go for a really subtle highlight or a really full out one!


The next thing is this white eye pencil from Primark. It came with a champagne coloured one as well and I’m pretty sure they were only £1 or £2 which is incredible for the quality. I only really use the white one and I put it in the inner corner of my eye and underneath my eyebrow for a really subtle highlight. You could also put it in your waterline to make your eyes bigger but I have really leaky eyes and it disappears  within 10 minutes!


The last product is my Great Lash mascara by Maybelline. I have talked about this in two other posts so I won’t say loads now! It makes your lashes long and voluminous without going really clumpy! IF you want to hear me say that in a longer, more rampley way look at this post or this post!

All 5 of these things were very cheap and affordable and all of them are under £10, most of them might even be under £5 and I would definitely recommend them.

With all my love, from Lucy


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