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Mac Lipstick ~Whirl

For my birthday, which was at the start of March, my friend got me a Mac lipstick.

I WAS ESTATIC WHEN I OPENED IT! (Even though her wrapping was awful!)20160314_183740

 Anyway, I’ve been looking at Whirl for a while because it just looked like the perfect brown/dark nude.

And it is!


It looks more red toned but it comes out with a lot more brown. On the Mac website it describes it as “dirty rose” which I would agree with.


Here you can see it actually on the lips. I’m sorry for how awkward my smile looks!

Even though it is matte, it goes on really creamy and doesn’t dry out your lips anywhere near as much as I thought it would.

I would definitely recommend getting this! I love it.

Thankyou to Gaunty for very kindly getting this for me!

(Her name isn’t really Gaunty but we are both called Lucy and it gets confusing!)

With all my love, from Lucy


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