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What I Got For My Birthday 2016

Yesterday I turned 14 so we all know what that means…

What I got for my birthday haul!


I got 5 Lush products. The first one with the bird on it is called Skydancer. The really sparkly pink one is called Rose Jam. The little one in the middle is a bath oil called Floating Island. The pale blue one is the Frozen one which I’ve heard is amazing and the sparkly blue one is called Big Bang.


I got the Lovely perfume set by Sarah Jessica Parker which comes with a little gold compact mirror and a very, very sparkly clutch bag, the perfume smells amazing. It comes with a normal bottle of it and a little roll on version which is great for your handbag or school bag. My friend got me a MUA palette which comes with some bright shades for if you are feeling adventurous and some more natural golds and champagne colours for everyday. I got a mac lipstick in Whirl which I am in love with and a little tester size of the Prep and Prime primer. The sparkly nail polish is called Tinsel Toes and the other, pale pink one is called Ethereal. They are both from Rimmel.


I got 3 books, the two Consequences ones I’ve been wanting for ages! They are a set of 6 and I had the first 3 and now I just need number 5 to complete the set. My brother got me the new The 1975 CD. I like a few of their other songs so who knows, I might become a massive fan of theirs!

I also got the white high top Converse but I’m pretty sure you all know what they look like!

Just before I finish this post I’m just going to say that I am so grateful for everything that I got and I’m not bragging or showing off in the slightest!

With all my love, from Lucy


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