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Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration

So Valentine’s day is nearing, meaning some of you may have things planned, places to go, people to see!

Personally, I don’t but I thought I’d give you a little makeup idea for if you did have somewhere to go!

It is slightly different to the usual super pinky girly look.

To start with, take a coppery, rose gold shade and put it all over your lid.


I used Nude Swings by Benefit.

Then take a shimmery brown. This one has slight grey tones in it. You could use a matte one if you prefer but I love shimmer! Blend it through your crease and out as much as you want!


This is Mud Slide from my W7 In The Nude palette.

Then pat a bit more of the lighter colour in the middle half of your eye lid to make your eyes seem brighter.

Finish off with any lip you want. I went for a pink gloss, a bit more Valentine’s appropriate!


Here is the finished look.

You can’t really see because of my glasses so I’m sorry about that! But you get the general idea!

I hope you liked this little makeup idea.

With all my love, from Lucy



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